Images of shadows, reflections, puppets, collected over the years without a conscious reason, in physical sites that refer to other realities and times, gave rise to a pictorial and spatial reflection within the broad theme of the double and, more specifically, in its most ancestral, folkloric and magical aspects. From the Latin word alter, other, a projection that, by questioning our perception of reality, leads us to glimpse other dimensions, in which the questions of "place" and "time" become confused and can only be defined by its negations.
"Placeless" is also the space chosen for the exhibition: a structure raised above another physical place, no longer bookstore, nor gallery, nor place, and at the same time part and whole of all these dimensions. Paintings are suspended in the void, thus enhancing the desired sense of indeterminacy.

 Elena Valsecchi's works are represented in private collections in Italy, Portugal, France, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Argentina.
 Born in Italy, she currently lives and works in the area of Lisbon, Portugal.