Time flies. What about 2017?

More than 5 months from my last post. Time flies and so many things happened during this 2017, it was hard to stay tuned here!

And yes, writing posts in 5 languages takes way too much time!! Luckily, technology came to help: I have just found this plug-in which will translate from English to several languages for me (see the drop-down menu at the beginning of the post). Marvels of technology…!

So, I will end my 2017 posts with a little  summary of previous episodes.

My “Agglomerati” oil on wood painting was selected for the collective exhibit “Alcarte”, which took place in Alcochete, Portugal during August 2017.

In September/October my new series “Human Marvels” was on show at “Galeria Beltrao Coelho” in Lisbon, Portugal, together with some of Portuguese artist Filipa Silveira’s artworks. Several publications wrote about it (if curious, please have a look in my website’s “Press and Reviews” section).

In these months I also had my website updated: it is now possible to buy some of my paintings directly from there!

In November I started my Etsy shop, where I’m now selling prints of my paintings and some drawings I have fun with. Since then, some of my drawings and prints have already travelled to Taiwan, The Netherlands and to the USA. A nice start!

In December, new drawings, new paintings ideas, and a new agreement with a gallerist in Italy.. More news to come.

And as “Man does not live by ‘art’ alone”, since June 2017 I started playing my diatonic accordion in a musical project called “Zikhamu“, with which we have been playing through Portugal, making lovely people dance (…curious? Yess! Look for us on Facebook and “Like” us!!).

And now a short break in France and Italy, before going back to Portugal and plunge into new creation!

See you soon here and.. a very happy and full 2018 to you all!

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