Painting Break – back to school


ArCo Xabregas - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual

ArCo Xabregas – Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual

Quite hard to respect the routine I would like to keep in posting. That’s the downside of not having a routinary life…!

So, I know, I know.. my readers are crazy missing my news and are waiting to see my new paintings. Sorry, still have to wait.

Indeed, since the collective exhibition at Malaposta, which ended at the end of February, I have been working on a painting I started ages ago, which is now on show in another collective exhibit, “8”, at Fabrica Braço de Prata, in Lisbon. I will talk about this exhibition in a next post, I promise – I still have time as it will be ending only in April.

While working at that painting, I was feeling kind of lost. I truly was enjoying the work on it (will talk about it later, too), but I was feeling I needed to go further, or deeper, or both.

Since when I started painting, I had moments asking myself if it was better to keep on my research on my own, or start a school/training/course to better understand what I was doing. Up to some time ago, I have always decided to stay on the autodidact way. I was concerned a school may format my way of creating, and also I didn’t have much time and wanted to focus my energies in creating art I wanted to create.


Coherence is not my first characteristic.

But sometimes we have to accept that with someone else’s help we might go further, and faster, than alone.

And, too, Art is made (also) of dialogue.

I think I have found what I was needing. And I have found that finally I could reorganize my life to be able to have time for it: at the end, this is one of my priorities, isn’t it? So it deserves that time.

The Place is ArCo, “Art and Visual Communication Centre”, in Lisbon of course.

The first time I got into the class, I had a look at my future art studies colleagues’ works and I thought “Yess, this is the place”. 10 persons, 10 completely different kind of works. All learning together.

So, conclusion: I am actually painting, and drawing and studying. A lot. New doors are opening in my head, new ideas are coming, maybe too many.

But nothing to show, at the moment.

Some news will come soon.

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